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Why would I use Vonage Mobile?

One of the great things about Vonage Mobile is that you don`t need to change anything about your current mobile plan. You can keep using your mobile plan in exactly the same way and you don`t need to change your number!
It saves you money over dialing directly through your major mobile carriers, and allows you to pay for your calls through your iTunes account. It’s free to download with no monthly charges and no commitments.
We think this application provides something for everyone:

• Make FREE high-def calls and send FREE Chat messages, exchange photos, share location and contact information worldwide with other app users.
• Use your existing phone number and address book to show who already has Vonage Mobile and invite those who don’t -- straight from the app
• Link your phone number to up to five other mobile devices.
• Call anyone in 200 countries who hasn't yet downloaded the app, at 70-80% savings over your mobile carrier.
• Save an average of 30% over Skype’s pay-per-minute rates to the top 50 countries called worldwide
• Add calling credit directly from your iTunes® or Google account

*Carrier charges may apply over 3G and 4G networks if you are roaming or have a limited data plan.